Pakistan Festival 2024

Logo Pakistan Festival 2024 The Hague


1. Festival is for everyone, so keep it friendly. Aggressiveness and racism will not be tolerated.

2. Upon entry, everyone is inspected. Access is only granted after inspection.

3. The organization has the right to refuse/deny your entry without the right to a refund of the entrance tickets.

4. Bringing your own consumption is not allowed.

5. Smoking is prohibited in all shelters and tents.

6. Follow directions from staff, security, and emergency services.

7. It is prohibited to carry out commercial activities on and around the festival site.

8. The use and sale of nitrous oxide, nitrous oxide (N2O), is not permitted on and in the immediate vicinity of the festival site and will be confiscated.

9. (fire/stab) Weapons and sharp or dangerous objects are prohibited! All items that can be used as weapons will be confiscated.

10. There is a ban on any form of group expression.

11. Bringing professional photo/film/video/audio equipment is not allowed. Ordinary digital cameras and telephones are allowed.

12. Visitors are not allowed to walk around the site without a shirt/bare-chested.

13. Portrait rights apply during the festival. This means that during Festival, filming and photography will take place, and sound recordings can also take place. These images and/or sound recordings can be used by the organization as advertising or publication material.

14. Visiting the festival is entirely at your own risk.

15. When leaving the festival site, re-entry on the same day is no longer possible without a valid admission ticket.

16. The organization reserves the right to deny anyone access to the festival at any time.

17. The organization reserves the right to change the festival policy at any time.
18. Animals are not allowed on the festival site.

19. The organization reserves the right to change the date, times, program and/or location of the festival.

20. The organization is not responsible for damage to visitors’ belongings.

21. Visitors who misbehave in any way in and around the festival site will be immediately removed from the festival site.

22. The organization can implement additional safety measures. These must be followed at all times.

23. Festival has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. When prohibited substances (hard and soft drugs) are found with a visitor, the substance is recovered by security and access to the site is denied. This also applies to quantities that fall within the rejection policy. A visitor with too many drugs in his or her possession is handed over to the police/justice.

24. During the festival, it is not allowed to have unmanned aircraft (drones) on the festival site.

25. Fireworks are prohibited!